Hello everybody,

I’m Imanol (@Imanolea). It’s been three years since Rocket Man began as my end-of-grade project. In these years people like @Seiyouh and @NAP.VGM have decided to join the development of Rocket Man and we have ended up forming a group. New projects have also come out of this team, such as Last Crown Warriors.

Light Games intends to accommodate this group and our projects, so that everyone can follow the state of the games and their development.

I will continue posting entries on my blog (Imanolea’s Games) about the programming and design of the games I’m working on, and this page will host announcements about the status of the Game Boy projects.

I invite you to discover these games if you don’t know them yet. We will be here to answer any questions, suggestions and comments that you want to make us.

Thank you very much to all of you,


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