Light Games at Euskal Encounter 25

This month the Euskal Encounter was held in Bilbao, an annual meeting for amateurs and IT professionals that has been taking place since 1994. As usual, RetroEuskal was part of the event, a space to cast your mind back to classic computers, consoles and video games.

via Euskal Encounter

This year RetroEuskal premiered RetroTalents, a small exhibition reserved for current projects (both software and hardware) made by fans of computers and retro consoles. And it is in this exhibition where I was offered the opportunity to show the works of Light Games, specifically the Rocket Man demo. I did so, and once there, I had the honor of sharing space with The Sword of Ianna, from RetroWorks, Xenocider, from RetroSumus, and NEOSD, from NEOSD Team.

In the four days of the exposition I had the opportunity to witness firsthand how players react to different sections of the level of the demo, and how they face each of the enemies. I also chatted with some of them about their experience. As a developer, sometimes you can lose the objectivity of your own design, and it is always refreshing to see how other players confront the challenges of your game.


For this occasion, I prepared promotional material in the form of business cards and presentation sheets.


I look forward to bringing Light Games projects to many more places in the future. I hope we can show the demo of Last Crown Warriors next time.



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