Light Games at AzPlay 17′

Last week (from November 29 to December 3) AzPlay, an international festival of independent video games, was held in Bilbao. This festival focuses on independent video games but also on basque developers, and therefore dedicates part of the exhibition to local productions.


via AzPlay

In this exhibition the demo of Last Crown Warriors published last November 29 was shown. The choice of date was not casual, I tried to get it published in time for the festival.

Having to publish the demo on a specific date has resulted in a work overload, but we have managed to arrive on time with a fully playable version.

In this sprint we have been joined by Nordloef, who becomes part of the Light Games team and will be in charge of composing the music and sound effects of Last Crown Warriors. His work is present in the demo.

Regarding the AzPlay exhibition, it has been a very positive experience. I have seen first-hand how people played the game, and what mechanics have been more intuitive to them. I have learned many things to keep in mind in the development.


During the next weeks the demo will continue to be updated, and one of the features will be a guide that will teach the players about the mechanics and controls of the game. I hope you like it and that you tell us what you think about it.



Light Games at Euskal Encounter 25

This month the Euskal Encounter was held in Bilbao, an annual meeting for amateurs and IT professionals that has been taking place since 1994. As usual, RetroEuskal was part of the event, a space to cast your mind back to classic computers, consoles and video games.

via Euskal Encounter

This year RetroEuskal premiered RetroTalents, a small exhibition reserved for current projects (both software and hardware) made by fans of computers and retro consoles. And it is in this exhibition where I was offered the opportunity to show the works of Light Games, specifically the Rocket Man demo. I did so, and once there, I had the honor of sharing space with The Sword of Ianna, from RetroWorks, Xenocider, from RetroSumus, and NEOSD, from NEOSD Team.

In the four days of the exposition I had the opportunity to witness firsthand how players react to different sections of the level of the demo, and how they face each of the enemies. I also chatted with some of them about their experience. As a developer, sometimes you can lose the objectivity of your own design, and it is always refreshing to see how other players confront the challenges of your game.


For this occasion, I prepared promotional material in the form of business cards and presentation sheets.


I look forward to bringing Light Games projects to many more places in the future. I hope we can show the demo of Last Crown Warriors next time.




Hello everybody,

I’m Imanol (@Imanolea). It’s been three years since Rocket Man began as my end-of-grade project. In these years people like @Seiyouh and @NAP.VGM have decided to join the development of Rocket Man and we have ended up forming a group. New projects have also come out of this team, such as Last Crown Warriors.

Light Games intends to accommodate this group and our projects, so that everyone can follow the state of the games and their development.

I will continue posting entries on my blog (Imanolea’s Games) about the programming and design of the games I’m working on, and this page will host announcements about the status of the Game Boy projects.

I invite you to discover these games if you don’t know them yet. We will be here to answer any questions, suggestions and comments that you want to make us.

Thank you very much to all of you,